Bizarre Hair Salon

C901C7B7-4F69-46EE-B395-1AA5CAF27A49The title of this quickie post is also its content: the unfortunate (or not – it did catch my attention) name of a small hair salon on the Gravesend/Midwood frontier.

For what it’s worth, the place gets rave reviews on Yelp and is conveniently located next to the F train, at Kings Highway and E. 2nd St.

Eating Avenue U: Joe’s


Joe’s is well-served by public transportation – a stone’s throw from the F train (this picture was taken from the stairs) and the B3 bus.

My quest to see 200 species of birds in New York City in 2016 has taken me into some corners of Brooklyn I’d inexplicably neglected over my three years here. Gravesend, Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park, Canarsie . . . these are my new stomping grounds.

And eating grounds, too. Continue reading