About me

me cropMy name is Linda. After a long career as a researcher, policy analyst and writer for a labor union in Detroit, I moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn at the end of 2012. In rapid succession, I got married, joined a local running club, retired from my job and started blogging.

Although I’m an economist by training (and maintain an enduring love of spreadsheets), I’ve always considered myself primarily a writer.

These days, I write about the lesser-known history and present-day quirks of my adopted borough; about food, especially unpretentious food prepared by and for Brooklyn’s immigrant communities; about running and racing; and, most recently, about my adventures as an urban birder. All of my writing is informed by the experience of living through, and in the shadow of, breast cancer.

If you like what you read here, feel free to drop me a line at lkewing313(at)gmail(dot)com.