Search terms leading to this blog

google screenshot

The first time my WordPress “stats” page showed that a handful of people had stumbled on this blog via an online search, I experienced a frisson of excitement: this was the big time, for sure!  I was no longer writing just for Facebook friends and friends of friends, but for the entire Googleverse.

What kinds of search terms, I wondered, had led people here?

Thanks to WordPress’s datamongers, I can tell you. The list isn’t complete, since some searches are encrypted, but it’s still revealing. And weird:

  • bangladeshi pigeon association
  • food blogs brooklyn
  • prospect lefferts gardens blog
  • running prospect lefferts gardens
  • prospect lefferts brooklyn neighborhood
  • flatbush brooklyn blogs
  • bay ridge brooklyn blog
  • broklyn blogs
  • restaurante salvadorena continental
  • “dii stores astoria”
  • santander + thrifty
  • “cafe rokhat” chowhound
  • gino’s focacceria festival stand
  • breast cancer with lymph node involvement
  • nyc marathon 2014 wind

and finally

  • having sex in prospect park good idea

I hope this blog convinced the last searcher that the answer is generally “no.” (Still, with 2.9 million hits, there seems to be a lot of interest in the question.)



Blogging resolutions

This blog returns from its holiday hiatus with a handful of resolutions for the new year:

1. Get out there and explore.  In the coming year, I plan to take this blog to more Brooklyn neighborhoods in search of cheap, tasty eats (always a motivator!) and interesting stuff generally. Look for posts on Latino and Asian Sunset Park, Arab Bay Ridge, and the borough’s various West Indian communities. And that’s just for starters. I may even venture farther afield, to the wilds of Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.

2. Bring other people into the blog. Blogging is great for introverted people like yours truly: you can write about whatever pops into your head from the comfort and privacy of your home. That’s also its great weakness. I mean, jeezus, no one is that interesting. So I’m going to work at introducing other people into posts, telling their stories and sharing their views. That means getting outside my comfort zone, which is good. (It also means showering and getting dressed before late afternoon, also good.)

3. Alternate long-form posts with shorter items. Some of my recent entries, like the account of my South Carolina trip, have been quite long. And while I draw a lot of personal satisfaction from those posts, and am proud of the thought and care that went into them, they are time-consuming to write and, I suspect, daunting to read. So I’m going to rein in my wanna-be magazine writer tendencies and mix the long stuff up with more photos and short observations.

4. Engage more with other bloggers. I’m very grateful to the other bloggers who’ve checked out Not another Brooklyn blog, “liked” posts, and left the occasional comment. I’m going to work hard to be a better citizen of the blogosphere in the coming year.

And finally, reluctantly . . .

5. Consider focusing this blog. When I started blogging a little over six months ago, I defiantly proclaimed my intention to ignore the well-meaning (and near-universal) advice to identify an audience and focus on it. I was going to write about whatever interested me, goddammit. And so I’ve written about running, about birdwatching, about surviving (and not surviving) breast cancer, about Brooklyn ephemera, about the haunted history of South Carolina, about food. It’s been fun, but it’s also been a mess. I don’t blame readers who were drawn in by running posts and then didn’t know what to make of cancer posts, and vice versa, for throwing up their hands and walking away. I understand now, in a way I didn’t six months ago, the costs of unfocused blogging . . . for sure, it makes realizing resolution #4 a hell of a lot more difficult. I’m going to maintain my idiosyncratic non-focus for the time being, but over the next six months, I’ll be thinking hard about what this blog wants to be when it grows up. Input from readers in that process is very welcome.

If you’re a blogger reading this, what are your blogging resolutions for 2015?