Search terms leading to this blog

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The first time my WordPress “stats” page showed that a handful of people had stumbled on this blog via an online search, I experienced a frisson of excitement: this was the big time, for sure!  I was no longer writing just for Facebook friends and friends of friends, but for the entire Googleverse.

What kinds of search terms, I wondered, had led people here?

Thanks to WordPress’s datamongers, I can tell you. The list isn’t complete, since some searches are encrypted, but it’s still revealing. And weird:

  • bangladeshi pigeon association
  • food blogs brooklyn
  • prospect lefferts gardens blog
  • running prospect lefferts gardens
  • prospect lefferts brooklyn neighborhood
  • flatbush brooklyn blogs
  • bay ridge brooklyn blog
  • broklyn blogs
  • restaurante salvadorena continental
  • “dii stores astoria”
  • santander + thrifty
  • “cafe rokhat” chowhound
  • gino’s focacceria festival stand
  • breast cancer with lymph node involvement
  • nyc marathon 2014 wind

and finally

  • having sex in prospect park good idea

I hope this blog convinced the last searcher that the answer is generally “no.” (Still, with 2.9 million hits, there seems to be a lot of interest in the question.)



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