Street art Sunday: CDMX edition

4C914501-754A-4C40-9E48-5FFBA92FA7B1Mexico City excels at many things, and one of them is street art. I’ve done a lot of walking and admiring these past two weeks. On this, my last day –  surrounded by loose clothes and half-packed bags – looking back over the photos I took along the way makes me feel a little less sad to be leaving.

Birds always catch my eye, of course, whether they’re semi-realistic in Romita…


…or utterly fantastic alongside the Parque Mexico.


All over the city, you’ll find depictions of people – some named, some intentionally left nameless – in a variety of styles.




Sometimes the simplest works are especially gripping…


…but there’s also something to be said for going for broke.


Hasta luego, CDMX.




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