Coney Island in winter

IMG_7920 (2)50 Favorite Places #9 (special Leap Year photo edition)

It has a mostly empty boardwalk to run on. It has Russian ladies in fur and Russian men in Speedos. It has birds: loons and gannets and Long-tailed Ducks, the occasional Razorbill, great flocks of gulls. It has a terrific aquarium. It has the ocean. It has palm trees, even if they’re fake. It has Nathan’s, open for business, and the silhouettes of amusement park rides padlocked for the season.

It even has a song by the great Garland Jeffreys. You might want to cue that up right now before taking a look at the photo gallery that follows.


The parachute jump, Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower

IMG_7899 (2)

You can watch the ocean here. Or picnic. Or play chess. Or set up your spotting scope during a nor’easter.

IMG_7903 (2)

Palm trees grow year-round on Coney Island

IMG_7901 (2)

Steeplechase Pier, beloved of fishermen and birders

IMG_7935 (2)

Much care was lavished on this depiction of the Wonder Wheel

IMG_7909 (2)

Winter or summer, my reaction is the same: No. Fucking. Way.

IMG_7916 (2)

Love the “Hey! Get it Get it!”

IMG_7923 (2)

Closed for the season

IMG_7905 (2)

Asshole French tourist chasing gulls

IMG_7932 (2)

This way for the Wonder Wheel

IMG_7936 (2)

Now, this way – to the right of the giant ice cream cone

IMG_7939 (2)

Strollers and sideshows



4 thoughts on “Coney Island in winter

  1. Coney Island looks absolutely amazing even in winter time! Did you know that there’s a Coney Island where we live in Sligo, Ireland too. Apparently the one in Ireland is the original one which gave its name to the American island.


    • No, I had no idea! Thanks so much for passing that along. In Detroit, where I lived for many years, a “Coney Island” is the generic name for Greek (or sometimes Macedonian) owned diners that serve “coney dogs” (among other things). It’s kind of fascinating how different places take on different cultural meanings.

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