Rainy day wisdom


Seen (in front of my own nose) along Flatbush Avenue

Rainy days like today call for a warm blanket, a hot drink and – street art. This is a continuation of a series of posts capturing wall posters with cryptic – sometimes unsettling – sayings slapped up around Brooklyn. One reader commented that they look like “humongous fortune cookie fortunes, but with disturbing messages from a dystopic society,” which is an apt description.

Here are some new (or newish) examples that I’ve come across on runs over the last few months.


This one has since been defaced, for some reason.


Noticed (not indifferently) in the South Slope


A rallying cry, or a cry for help?


This was quickly removed from the wall of the art supply store at Fourth Avenue and Second Street

I remain curious whether these are the work of one person, or several people operating independently. My keen forensic typeface analysis reveals similarities in the letters “s” and “d” across multiple posters, but perhaps that’s just to thrown us off the scent.



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