Street Art Sunday (now with even more sidewalk parking!)

On Memorial Day, I mixed up my running routine by heading out of Prospect Park to the north, in a general Prospect Heights/Crown Heights direction. With spring migration winding down, I figured it was high time to start reacquainting myself with the less birdy sections of my borough (though as we know, birds are everywhere). And so I meandered through Grand Army Plaza, around the glassy Richard Meier building with the prestigious “1” address, then north on Underhill and east on Park Place. Eventually I hit the complicated intersection where Park Place and Washington and Grand avenues converge to define a small triangle. The triangle is surrounded by a construction fence decorated by multiple artists.

Naturally, I paused to snap photos of my favorite panels:

I assume this owl is referring to birding.
Impressive airbrushing technique

The impressive art wraps around to the Grand Avenue side of the triangle, but it was challenging to get good pictures there. This is what it looked like:

Sidewalk parking

In case it’s not clear, this is, in theory at least, a sidewalk. You know – a place for people to walk, perhaps admiring the art (and the fallen blossoms) as they go.

This amount of sidewalk parking can only mean one thing: the presence of a police precinct. Sure enough, the former 80th Precinct is directly across the street. It’s now an NYPD administrative facility, but it remains a bastion of in-your-face parking impunity.

(Coming next Sunday: pictures and narrative from this morning’s running tour of the Audubon Project murals in Washington Heights.)


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