Street Art Sunday: Brooklyn’s pandemic year

Good-bye and good riddance, 2020. Starting in late March, when the streets were still mostly deserted, I snapped photos of creative responses to the pandemic. Some pieces offered encouragement and hope; others admonished us to act responsibly. Many paid tribute to the workers who cared for the sick and kept the city functioning. The most poignant memorialized the dead.

A sampling follows.

I’m defining street art broadly here, to include storefront displays by small businesses and community organizations, like these.

Falafel shop, Park Slope
Temporarily closed barber shop, Park Slope
Community arts space, South Slope

Some were sanctioned, or even commissioned, by parks or business associations.

J. J. Byrne Park, Park Slope
Planter/ash tray/trash receptacle, Green-Wood Heights

Others – my favorites – had a more renegade feel.

Residential block, Park Slope
Boarded-up ranger station, Plumb Beach

And then there are these, which still feel like a punch in the gut.

Green-Wood Cemetery fence, Memorial Day
NYC transit depot, Sunset Park
More detail to break your heart

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