Street art Sunday: From Here to Eternity

IMG_8259 (2)By which I mean, between home and Green-Wood. Because of the heat and my general laziness, I’ve been going on short, doodling runs around the neighborhood this past week. Heading south, toward Green-Wood, gives me lots of options of streets to run up and down, so that’s what I’ve been doing. And as I’ve done it, I’ve of course been looking for cool street art – like the mural at the top of this post, on 23rd St. close to Fifth Av.

The same building also includes the charming doorway pictured below.

IMG_8258 (2)

Tom (don’t know his last name) lives just up the street. I’d noticed the cat murals painted on his wall many years ago, because how could I not? He was outside touching them up when I ran by earlier in the week – his pandemic project, since he’s not traveling for work.


It was still a work in progress when I returned this morning, but progress is definitely being made. The onion domes behind the cats are because Tom lived in Russia for an extended period in the 1990s.


The pink paw prints on the ledge are a nice touch.


In the same general area – I can’t remember the exact street – I found this modest garden growing on someone’s wall.

IMG_8269 (2)

Up on Eighth Avenue, rough-hewn stencils spray-painted on the sidewalk aim to provoke thought. The messages alternate over many blocks – not just on Eighth, but also on Seventh, and possibly elsewhere.

IMG_8266 (2)



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