Steet art Sunday, Monday update

IMG_8184 (2)A bit more about the “Wall of Justice” on Brooklyn’s Fourth Av from yesterday’s post. This morning, the protest art on the site was even more extensive than last week, taking up the entire block between Union and Sackett and wrapping around both corners. The images below are from the side streets.

IMG_8191 (2)

Union St


Sackett St

IMG_8187 (2)

Union St.


Union St

Artists began to put their calls for justice on the construction fence around the beginning of the month. On June 9, as the city was taking its first tentative steps to reopen, a worker assigned to maintain the site went back to work and proceeded to cover the artwork with regulation hunter green paint. (The city requires that particular color on construction fences, although a pilot program allows selected arts organizations to work with communities and developers to replace it with temporary art installations, via a highly-regulated process. It’s one of those only-in-NYC bureaucratic initiatives that make you want to laugh, cry or scream depending on your mood.) The community erupted in protest, the worker said she was just doing her job, the developer claimed it was all a misunderstanding, and the artists quickly returned to restore their work. You can read the history here.

This morning, the wall was attracting a steady stream of onlookers and photographers. Some were on their way to work – like the Spectrum employee who parked his vehicle and proceeded to document the entire installation – while others were either just passing by or, like me, knew of the site and wanted to see how it was progressing.

A few more images that, I hope, give a sense of scale.

IMG_8183 (2)

IMG_8193 (2)

IMG_8195 (2)

IMG_8196 (2)


If you’re in Brooklyn, you should really head down to Fourth Av between Union and Sackett to see it for yourself.


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