Street art Sunday: Brooklyn depicts itself

neighborhood skyline

It doesn’t have to be realistic to be recognizably Brooklyn

Much street art in Brooklyn takes as its subject . . . Brooklyn. A gallery follows, with minimal commentary.Brooklyn’s bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a popular subject, even (or especially?) in areas where it can’t be seen. That’s true of Fifth Av in the South Slope (top, with balloons), and even more true of Bay Ridge (bottom, with the Verrazzano – the neighborhood’s actual bridge – barely visible in the far left background).

Bklyn Bridge w balloons

Bklyn Bridge w mother child

Manhattan views

Sometimes Brooklyn defines itself by what it’s not, i.e., Manhattan. Consequently, the Manhattan skyline is another recurring theme, as in this mural showing the view from Sunset Park’s industrial waterfront. Manhattan looks awfully distant here.

Manhattan from Sunset Park


These are my favorites, I think. Some neighborhoods, like Ditmas Park, celebrate their diversity . . .

Ditmas Park

. . . while others focus on beloved local landmarks or just proclaim their identity, like these from Sheepshead Bay (top), Red Hook (middle) and Williamsburg (bottom).

Sheepshead Bay (1)

IMG_5736 (2)


As I slowly get back to running, I hope to make Street Art Sunday a regular (albeit not weekly) feature again.


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