Street art Sunday: Red Hook

IMG_5736 (2)Red Hook has long been one of my favorite running destinations. When Eric and I were first together, and I was using my visits to explore Brooklyn, Red Hook seemed to me like the quintessential Brooklyn neighborhood: low-rise, industrial, unpretentious, tight-knit, nautical.

Once I moved here for good, I decided that I loved it because those same attributes reminded me of Detroit.

It’s also a great neighborhood for street art, and over the years, I’ve compiled quite a gallery of snapshots taken on the run. Some of the works still exist in more-or-less their original state, some have gone the way of the old Revere sugar refinery, and some are weathered and tagged-up (kind of like me).

A sampling follows.

First, a fun one – though I was careful to keep my distance from that gaping mouth.

Red Hook 3

Evocative blue arches and passageways, painstakingly constructed from lacy stencils, currently grace the walled perimeter of the Pioneer Works arts space.

Red Hook Pioneer Works

My regular route from the Red Hook running track to Van Brunt passes this poster, which I’ve watched fade and peel over the past year.


Run by this quickly, and it looks like rust and rain-damp patches. Stop to examine it closely, and you can see the now-demolished Revere sugar works through the fog off the harbor.


And finally, a series of works by Swoon: these formerly covered the wall around Pioneer Works. I miss them, the way I miss people who’ve moved or died, mom and pop businesses that have closed, and landscapes that have been paved or demolished. 





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