Class at SummerStage

Dear SummerStage security people:

Was it really necessary to evict concertgoers from the empty “Friends of SummerStage” tent during last night’s downpour? Even when the well-dressed white couple who’d briefly occupied two of the many seats had already left? (They were just not feeling Bodega Bamz.*) Even when the trespassers included toddlers and babies?

I was admiring the way others had seized the tent and wishing I’d thought to do the same – it seemed totally in keeping with the words Ana Tijoux was firing off so powerfully and joyfully from the stage – when you showed up. From what I could see, you were polite (thank you for that) but firm. Within a few minutes the hoi polloi who’d taken shelter had scattered (well, there was that problem with the toddler who ran away and hid, but the parents eventually coaxed him/her out) and the tent was empty again.

I appreciate the need to offer some sort of incentive to major donors, I really do, but come on. The tent was empty. EMPTY. And it was pouring. And did I mention the babies and toddlers?

Great concert, though.

*Neither was I, but that’s neither here nor there.


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