Worshipping the golden calf

This golden calf, a dollar sign between its horns, stood sentry at the (locked) gate of the “Factory Floor” complex in Sunset Park’s Industry City this morning. Had I stumbled upon the site of some obscure gentrification ritual? No celebrants were in evidence early on a Sunday – just a handful of workers sprucing up the far end of the courtyard.

Later, I learned – via a community news site, the “Home Reporter and Sunset News” – that the calf is in fact a pinata. Designed by artist Sebastian Errazuriz and titled (somewhat anachronistically) “XX Century Capital,” it was intended to be filled with $100 bills and then pounded with 99 wooden bats until money rained down on the celebrants.

Golden calf pinata, constructed by Sunset Park artist Sebastian Errazuriz


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