Safety first!

High-visibility race shirts

High-visibility race shirts

Is this a trend? The t-shirts from my last two New York Road Runners races are crossing-guard green and highway-worker orange. This has caused some grumbling among certain runners of my acquaintance, who – being New Yorkers and all – prefer black, or at least gray. But Eric heartily approves. He is, after all, the man who showed his love for me by festooning my bike with day-glo yellow tape one day as a surprise.

Me, I’m waiting to see if our NYC marathon shirts come with flashing red lights.

In other marathon-related news, I ran a relaxed, confidence-building, negative split 1:47:37 at the Staten Island Half on Sunday and my last interval workout (2×3 miles in 24:35 and 23:41) this morning. From here on out, it’s taper time.

I’ll provide a final training recap later this week. After that, you can expect a series of frivolous posts as I try to distract myself from my November 1 date with 50,000 other runners over 26.2 miles.


4 thoughts on “Safety first!

  1. I like them! But I like anything bright. And I hate white tech tees. Inevitably they end up with makeup residue and/or bike chain grease on them. Then they get sweat stains. BTW, 2017 should be a neon yellow year for Boston. 🙂


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